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Nick's Kidney Story

Updated: May 26, 2023

Twenty-one years ago Nick received his first kidney transplant, due to having the rare kidney disease glomerulonephritis. Nick's donated kidney served him well, until it didn't. Now he has kidney function at 10-15%, and is in dire need of a living kidney donor.

Why Do We Need Your Help in Finding a Living Donor?

  • There are almost 900 people in Indiana alone waiting on a kidney, and more than 100,000 waiting in the U.S.

  • Blood type O (Nick's type), while most common, means that more kidney patients waiting on kidneys have this blood type. In addition, because O is a universal type, donors with O can also donate kidneys to those with type A, B, and AB.

Who Can Be a Donor?

  • Donor's blood type must be an O. It can be O+ or O-

  • Donor can be a male or female

  • Donor must be a minimum of 18 years old

  • Donor's build can't be extremely opposite of Nick's. For example, Nick is 6' tall; a woman who is 5' tall may not have a big enough kidney

  • Donor can live anywhere in the continguous United States

  • There must be a tissue type match, which will be determined through testing

Busting Organ Donation Myths:

  • There is no cost to the donor; Nick's insurance pays for testing and procedures for the donor. Donor's insurance will not be billed, and donor will not be billed.

  • Donor does not need to be nearby. If donor lives within 3 hours of Indianapolis, he/she will be asked to come to Indy for the donation procedure. Otherwise, the kidney retrieval procedure will happen in their home location, and the kidney will be flown to Indianapolis.

  • Recovery time for the donor ranges from 2-4 weeks for an office type worker; can be up to 6-8 weeks for a physical laborer.

Where Can I Learn More About Living Kidney Donation?

For more information, go to:

How Can I Help?

  • Consider donating a kidney to Nick. To see if you are compatible, complete the evaluation form on the site link above. Click on Donor Evaluation Form. Where it asks for Recipient's first and last name, input Nicholas Tower.

  • Share our page and social media posts to every person you know and throughout your realm of contacts. Please share everywhere!

How Can I Contact Jessica or Nick?

Here's the email:


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