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What's Your (Blood) Type?

So, having a blood type compatible with Nick's is a major factor in being able to donate a kidney to him. Nick is O+, but any O blood type will work. Don't know your blood type? Here's the good news... part of the donor screening process includes blood type testing, at no charge to the potential donor. So if you want to do the evaluation application and don't know your blood type, go for it here. Input Nicholas or Nick Tower in the 'recipient's name' box. If you'd like to find out your blood type first, here are some ways: Find It In Existing Records I scoured my medical records in my health care portal. It wasn't obvious or easy to find, but I did end up finding it on a post-surgery recap. Get A Test! -Ask your doctor's office if they'll do it for you. -Go to a local lab and testing service. One near me charges $49 for blood type testing. -Buy a home test. They are available online. Donate Blood! The Red Cross consistently needs blood donors. Find a location or drive here. Knowing this information is important for yourself, but also to know if you can help Nick by donating a kidney to him.

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